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Thursday through Monday / 8am – 4pm

Saturdays 8am – 5pm

Left Hand Coffee was born from the notion that culture is a result of like-minded people who share experiences, values, beliefs, and symbols; doing what they love on a regular basis.
At Left Hand, we share the love for nice things – the ocean, art, creating, friendship, reading, cooking, searching – and coffee.

In our case, it just so happens that we are left handed.

Being left handed means that you spend your entire life adjusting and trying to fit into a world where you are not the norm – just try to wear your shoes the opposite way for a day!
So here’s to the odd ones, the ones that live on the sidelines, the ones that see, hear, and think differently. The ones that never bend to the world but rather mold it to fit theirs.
Because, if you can’t do it right, do it left.

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